Managing Director Message


With the growth of buds in the spring, a resplendence of God's grandeur manifests , enchanting light and beautiful face of creation that put a smile gemma on the lips of people and noruz festival is a apportunity to to correction and the basis for evolution and renewal of beliefs ,attitudes ,thoughts and behaviors.
With congratulations and felicitation  ,in this way Iappreciation and say thanks to you , distinguished colleagues,distinguished colleagues , assistants , managers , engineers and all noble and hardworking employees , representatives and contractors of electropeyk company because of your effort ,sympathy and companioship and request from god to you and all of your family a year with full of success and merrymaking.
We thank almighty god that in the shadow of his infinite grace and blessing ,in spite of the ups and downs , with your cooperation and favor ,in the past year could blessed effective and successful steps in the manufacturing industry .it is hoped that with the beginning of new yearand priority the programs and relying to efforts and improve productivity , we are seeing growing and success of electropeyk company and always take stepe in fundamentals of line policy that is improving quality of production because our believe is that we product and other use and we utilization , so in the concept all of us are are customer of each others , so we must present high quality product or service in their precious human to our congener.
on the eve of coming new year we appeal to all of you that with improving level of organizational affiliation and mentality of partnership in implementation of ahead programs , take steps sympathic and sync with effforts to improve electropeyk and with the help of god to witness the development and success of this company.

be happy , successful and honorable
Ceo of electropeyk
Mehrdad Mansour Garakani