The production of first Audio door phone in the name of ( Colon) was started in 1985 in 10 square meters workshop located in Pirozi Street, Tehran. After two years, with the development of small workshop production, the Colon factory was established (later its name changed to Electropeyk) that produced 2000 pcs audio and outdoor panel annually .now the Electropeyk Company (Ltd.,) has 3 factories with an area of 10,000 square in the industrial area, East of Tehran province. The production line of Electropeyk includes Audio and video door phone, outdoor panel, chain locks power supply and their related spare parts.
Electropeyk is established Utab factory in the early 2010 to be devoted to gate opener, lighting sensors, electric lock. Electropeyk Company has about 480 employees.
All of units and departments as production lines, mold making,R&D, quality control, engineering, planning, system and methods, sales and marketing, after-sales service and … follow below policies

Company Value

*Respect to right of concerned colleague
*Observe the provisions and rule regard to activity of company organization
*Fidelity to moral professional ethics
*Use of creative and participation behavior in order to have promotion in quantitative and qualitative of presentation services by Eletropeyk company

Company policy

1-Attract and increase satisfaction of customer and concerned colleague by provide quantitative and qualitative demand regard to environment and security and hygiene and also promote and invest the level of undertaking services
2-Obligation to prevention and reduce the Injury, disease and commitment to prevent and reduce injuries, illnesses and environmental pollution by control and reduce health risks and potential health damage, safety and environmental aspects to the lowest level possible and take steps towards sustainable development
3-Rrecognition and performance all of laws and regulations related to the company's business
4-Promotion the efficiency of human resources with create the trust, encouragement, support and staff training
5-Interact with suppliers based on mutual interests
6-Continus improvement of infrastructure and management systems deployed in the company

According to quality policy ,ELECTROPEYK company identify foreign markets, take action to export its products to countries Saudi Arabia ,Kuwait, Irag , Afghanistan .