frequently asked questions

Which services are delivered by Electropeyk Co. to its users?
  • Expertise, install, and deliver services of video and audio door openers and door opener jack with the brand of Youtab.
  • Replace and repair products at the customer's place.
  • Repair in after-sale-services management.
  • Deliver the related services no later than 48 hours and install no later than 72 hours.
  • Sell and supply Electropeyk video and audio door opener and Youtab door opener jack parts.
  • Guarantee for 3 years and after sale services for 10 years forElectropeyk video and audio door openers.
  • Guarantee for 2 years and after sale services for 5 years forYoutab door opener jacks.
Dose Electropeyk Co. renders direct sale services?
No. The customers can purchase the products from our sale agencies or electrical shops throughout the country. The developers can contact with marketing and sales management for direct sale on (+98 21) 77332309 – 77332308 – 77356666.

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