The cases which exclude Electropeyk products from guarantee:

Audio and video door openers and their side parts may include guarantee and after sale services only in case of observing the following cases. The company shall not bear any responsibility in case of any failure in observing the following cases by the consumer or installer (electrician).
  • Use standard cable special for door openers (0.6 standard foiled cable)
  • The system shall keep far from water penetration.
  • Upon completion, electrical connections must be connected to power supply.
  • The door opener cables must not be put in a joint route of wire of power, telephone, antenna, …
  • The system must not be opened and its plump must not be touched.
  • The system must have serial number label and it must be eligible and unaltered.
  • The transformer must be installed on the wall.
  • The uses must hold guarantee certificate.
  • The connections of wire caps(terminals) must be safe (the wire cap (terminals) must not be excessively uncovered).
  • The defects arising from natural happenings such as rain, fire, connection of other wires with door opener wire, wrongful parts assembly while installation, unsystematic use of the user from the system, power oscillation, installation in warm places (near the heater or central heating system) or high moisture, use of power supply and locks with other brands, open and manipulate systems by unauthorized people or any other defect that the company had not any role in its occurrence, may cause to cancel the guarantee. After sale services center of the company is obliged to repair the system against issuance of valid invoice and receive the invoice price by the company, and submit the system to the customer in safe and sound conditions upon it is tested by the center.

 The cases which exclude Youtab jack from guarantee:

  • Any guarantee card whose writings is erased or altered at the time of purchase shall be null and void.
  • Wiring and the related defects and any technical defect arising from any stroke, water penetration, fire, power oscillation, bracket welding break, improper welding, or inappropriate use of the product.
  • Ruined conditions arising from installation by any unauthorized people. (installation of mechanical and electronic parts according to the guideline).
  • Install jack on the defected door.
  • Use inappropriate voltage (contrary to the voltage stated in the guideline).
  • Use jack for doors with a weight more than 500 kg (the authorized weight for each door is 250 kg).
  • Failure in use of electrical lock.