privacy policy

Electropeyk is committed to save the privacy of users. Users can visit our website without the requirement of entering private information. The information we collect depends on the information you enter. If you request or record some information, you let us to use that based on this policy.
The information we collect:
When you visit our website, you are asked to enter name and details of contact. Moreover, we may collect some information about your use of website in addition to the information you send to us by email. 
The information you send us, are placed in our secure servers. Also we may give the information of your use of website to 3rd parties but it doesn’t include the information which determines your identity.
Unfortunately it is not secure to transfer the information via internet. Despite the fact that we do our best to save your privacy, we cannot ensure the security of your data transfer, so you are responsible for transferring data. When we receive the information from you, we use security methods to prevent the illegal access.
All the countries except Europe doesn’t always have regulations to save the information. We always do our best to ensure that your information is used based on this policy. We do not give or sell your information to others except that the law forces us. 
If our company invest on, we will share your information with new partners.
IPs and Cookies
We may gather your computer information such as IP address, operating system and browsers and use it for marketing objectives which includes statistical data about patterns of internet searching not your identity information.
Cookies are small packs of information which we save on your computer. When you visit our website, our system saves cookies on your computer unless you informed us about your disagreement before. Cookies speed up later access to the website and contribute to us to observe website traffic and customize website content for you. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your browser but you may lose some features of our website.
Security and Protection of Data
We do some security actions to protect your data from unpermitted access, illegal actions, sudden damage and destruction. We maintain your information for a suitable period which law determines. 
Our website has links to other websites. If you visit them, you should notice their privacy policy.
Website Access and Update
You have the right to be informed of the information we save and request us to update it. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you are willing to.
Changes in Our Privacy Policy
Any changes in our privacy policy will be mentioned in our website and if neccessary will be emailed.